EULAC Health. “The EU-LAC Health, project promoted by the European Commission and ended in June 2017, was the forerunner initiative of EULAC PERMED project. Its main goal was to define a detailed Roadmap to guide policy-makers and other stakeholders on future actions to support cooperative health research between European (EU) and Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries”.

Strategic Roadmap for the EU-CELAC Joint Initiative on Health Research and Innovation
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 2.1. Mapping the scientific and Policy Landscape of PerMed in LAC Region, with results of the mapping, including the identification of stakeholders
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 2.2. Analysis of strengths, weakness, barriers and gaps for ICPerMed-LAC cooperation
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 2.3. Stakeholder Workshop Report
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 2.4. Policy Brief: Barriers and needs for bi-regional cooperation in PerMed between EU and CELAC
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 4.1. Definition of standards of structural support, guidance and training for supervisors across different institution national systems
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 4.2. Guidelines for applicants with the criteria of selection for training
EULAC PerMed. Deliverable 5.1. First Technical Workshop Report: Innovative methodologies for data use and management in PerMed Research