The overall goal of EULAC-PerMed is to strengthen the global efforts on development and promotion of Personalized Medicine and the science cooperation of Europe with Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC). EULAC-PerMed will be the framework and instrument for:

  1. Mapping existing scientific policy, programmes, capacities, expertise and gaps in the field of PerMed in LAC countries.
  2. Facilitating the incorporation of LAC countries in the International Consortium on Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) and in the ERA-Net in Personalized Medicine (ERA-PerMed)
  3. Putting PerMed in the Science Policy Dialogue between EU and LAC countries
  4. Fostering the participation of LAC countries in research training and transnational projects in the field of PerMed
  5. Building a platform for EULAC collaboration on PerMed-focused clinical trials
  6. Cross-border learning from Research and Innovation and the ethical, legal and social aspects for implementing innovations between research capacities based in EU and LAC countries

Participating countries

The consortium includes 11 organizations from 10 countries: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Chile, France, Uruguay, Panama, Israel, Argentina.

Project activities are open to other LAC and EU countries.

Project workplan

The Project is organized as a series of work packages including training, workshops and fellowships for participants