Virtual Help Desk

The EULAC PerMed  project is putting together a Virtual Helpdesk that will facilitate networking between research teams in both regions, with an emphasis on clinical research. This online tool, hosted in the EULAC PerMed website, and publicly available, will share information of research teams who are currently performing Personalised Medicine (PM) research, and who are interested in establishing bi-regional collaborations.

It will also regroup key information on regulatory and ethical requirements for research in LAC countries, as well as funding opportunities. If you are in investigator and would like to have your research team be part of tool, we invite you to share information on your ongoing research activities and your interests in PM research cooperation. We have put together a following short survey to collect key information that can be accessed on the following link:

The survey is made up of three sections, with a total of 25 questions. The first section, will allow you to provide information on your laboratory/research institution, your ongoing research and your areas of interest. Additionally, there are two optional short sub-sections where you will be asked to provide us with information or links on national regulatory and ethical requirements for clinical research, and/or existing funding opportunities in your country.

If your area of expertise is in the regulatory or the funding aspects of PM, a shorter version of the survey, focusing only on the national regulatory and ethics requirements, and the funding opportunities is available here:

This survey can’t be interrupted or partially saved. Make sure you have 15 minutes to complete the survey. Feel free to share this information and forward the links to this survey to another colleague in your institution, if you feel they would be better fit to answer it. Please do not hesitate to get contact us ( or if you have any questions regarding the survey or the Helpdesk.