Montevideo Summer School

Health technology assessment research in Personalized Medicine

A total of 20 researchers from European and LAC countries —priority given to those from LAC countries— have participated in a training event with the aim of improving and sharing the appropriate knowledge and skills allowing them to improve understanding of the health technology assessment (HTA) processes to increase the research skills contributing to the HTA process.

The Summer School participation fee was free and open to 20 LAC & EU participants who were evaluated and admitted on a competitive basis. More concretely, each eligible applicant wase evaluated according to three criteria: academic potential; experience in the Summer School topics; personal motivation (including the usefulness of this training in their current activity).

The EULAC-PerMed awarded a scholarship to six participants. Thus, the successful candidates received non-cash support to cover accommodation costs and travel expense.

The documents to be submitted electronically (english) for this purpose were: the Curriculum Vitae; a clear reference to the candidate’s academic qualifications; the application form with the candidate’s interest in participating in the Summer School and a Reference letter.

Relevant documentation related to the workshop is now available below:


  • Program [PDF]
  • Application Process and Evaluation Criteria [PDF]
  • Application Form [Word]
  • Press Release [PDF]




Project Overview / Esther Rodríguez.
Health Technology Assessment Research & Personalized Medicine / María José Ruiz.
Health Technology Assessment Research and Precision Medicine / Ramiro E. Gilardino.
Health Thechnology Assessment on Clinical Oncology Screening / Katherine Marcelain.
Health Technology Assessment on Clinical Oncology: Diagnosis and Treatment / Lucía Delgado Pebe.
Red Nacional de Grupos Oncológicos (RedNaGO) – Uruguay / Nelsa Carrasco.
ERAPerMed, Joint Transnational Call 2020 / Esther Rodríguez.
Precision Medicine and Infectious Diseases / Juan Miguel Pascale.
Role of Health Technology Assessment in Rare Diseases: Perspectives of a clinician / Gabriela Repetto.
Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Role of infrastructure in EU and global efforts / Rita Banzi.
Clinical trials in Advanced Therapy Medicine Products / Viviana Domínguez.
Incorporating polygenic risk scores for common diseases from the ChileGenomico Project in population risk predictions by the Ministry of Health of Chile / Ricardo A. Verdugo.
HTA: the experience of Uruguay / Ana Pérez Galán.