Montevideo Technical Workshop

Innovative methodologies for data use and management in Personalised Medicine Research

In order to address the existing challenges in PM research and to help establish common methodologies, the EULAC-PerMed project is organizing technical workshops that will create a platform for sharing technical insight on existing and upcoming methodologies. The first workshop will take place on December 12-13, in Montevideo.

It will focus on Innovative methodologies for data use and management in PM research, exploring the development of data standards for improved interoperability, the integration of data from multiple sources and the methodologies for successful cohort integration, and the novelties in patient stratification methods. It will gather speakers and participants from CELAC and EU countries. Fifty participants will be selected through an application-based process. The deadline for submitting applications is the next 22 September 2019.

Interesting documentation related to the workshop is available below:


  • Agenda [PDF]
  • Application Form [Word]
  • Applicant Criteria Evaluation [PDF]
  • Declaration of Consent [Word]
  • Participants’ Biographies and abstracts [PDF]



Data Science at Work: an overview around PerMed / Jorge Samayoa & Preng Biba.
Multimodal patient data integration to foster machine learning aided personalized medicine / Adriano Barbosa da Silva.
Integrating cohorts across Europe / Josep Maria Haro.
Experiences on Data Science in Health / Fabio Porto.
Translational Bioinformatics: Genomics Data For clinicians and Patients / Adrián Turjanski.
Who are there ? The new paradigm of molecular signatures / Elmer A. Fernández (PhD).
Quality & Reproducibility in preclinical research. Perspective from multi-omics developm / Anton Ussi.
PerMed Uruguay: Preliminary research experiences and development plans associated with C2IDASH / Horacio Botti.
Medical Image Analysis for Personalised Medicine / Stefan Klein.