Madrid Summer School

The first edition of EULAC-PerMed Summer School took place in Madrid at the National School of Health of the Carlos III Institute of Health (ISCIII), during 7th and 8th of November 2019.

With the objective to share and improve the knowledge on the main lines on Personalized Medicine research, this Summer School, organized by the EULAC PerMed Consortium, relied on first level speakers specialized in several PM areas that shared their vision and experience on subjects such as: Rare Diseases, Oncology, Genetic, Health Care Systems, e-health applications, …etc.

More than 40 assistants among researchers and stakeholders in health from both EU and LAC countries attended the event in an active way with the aim of acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills that allow them to assess the impact of the research on Personalized Medicine in the Health Systems of their countries.


  • Programme [PDF]
  • Speakers presentations



Introduction on Personalised Medicine / Indridi Benediktsson.
Personalised Medicine Research in the Health System / Gaetano Guglielmin.
Personalised Cancer Therapy / Giovanni Martinelli.
Research to Support Sustainability and Collaboration between Health Care Players / Stefania Boccia.
LAC Countries Participation: ERAPerMed Call 2020 / Mauricio García-Franco.
Rare Diseases and Personalised Medicine: State-of-the-art / João Lavinha.
Research to Support National and Regional Health Systems in the Light of Precision Medicine Implementation / Marco J. Morelli.
Research on Telehealth and E-health Applications to Support the Implementation of Personalised Medicine / Sofoklis Kyriazakos.
Research to Support Innovative Decision Tools for Healthcare Providers in Personalized Medicine / Enrico Capobianco.
Overview of Personalized Medicine in the Health System. Perspective EU & LAC countries / Iscia Lopes-Cendes.
ICPerMed “Best Practice in PM” Recognition 2020 / María José Ruiz Álvarez.
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